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It's always interesting when you are sent to a place to work out of for a few weeks.
Part of my job includes being sent to places to train people for an airline.
I have become used to being in a place and re-setting if i can say my life to reflect some reflection to home.
Here I am in auckland where I had never been before.
The main concern for me always is, where the hell is a supermarket and a decent coffee. Yes life for me is simple. Auckland is an amazing mix of culture, squeezed into this small city sitting on volcanos that errupted a long time ago, well that is what the locals say.
So is this place a great hill climb? oh yes it is. I wouldn't be coming here without great walking shoes, or if you like running tell everyone you are coming home with an amazing new butt (<:
I like to run, though I do set the alarm and not get up some times, but when i do run Auckland comes with it's challenges.
If you are staying downtown which i am, you will have to dodge the traffic to head for the Domain ( great park to run around ).
You can head to victoria park if you wish, also close to the city and do a few laps of the oval. There are also play equipment that can double as chin up bars, seats for tricep dips, step ups, what ever you can invent for your body.
I eat in a lot, but if you want eat out there are no shortages of places downtown.
It is March and the weather has been a mix of high humidity, rain and now cooler weather.They say like melbourne ,victoria Australia if you don't like the weather , wait.
I'm enjoying auckland and look forward to a couple more weeks here. It's an easy place to live, a little expensive, coffee often over $4 but thank god for the exchange rate. If i was a brit or an American I would be coming here to enjoy the exchange rate.
Cheers B

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